- About company

Our production is located in the Khabarovsk Territory, Sovetsko-Gavansky District, r.p. Lososina, st. Proletarskaya 4, the waters of the Tatar Strait, b. Lighthouse

We have our own fleet, which allows us to extract aquatic biological resources. Bioresources are caught in the Tatar Strait. Delivery and transshipment of biological resources after harvesting takes no more than 12 hours, which is a guarantee of the quality and safety of raw materials, and, accordingly, of products After the raw materials are delivered to production, the stage of shock freezing of raw materials passes, we note that neither drying nor salting, namely freezing and storage in shock freezing, throughout the entire period of time, until the new deadline for harvesting raw materials.

A method of complex processing of brown algae, in which by repeatedly treating them with extracting solutions, precipitation by crystallization and filtering, we obtain a number of valuable products containing: iodine, fucoidan, mannitol, alginic acid, calcium, sodium, potassium alginates, mixed water-soluble salts of alginic acid with a high thickening ability as well as a wide range of vitamins

Production of TM “Gifts of the Seas” does not stop at the achieved results; it jointly works with research centers, research laboratories and institutes of the Far Eastern Federal District and the city of Moscow.

The most important direction of the company is the production of food products that have an effective effect on the functional systems of the human body, confirmed by scientific research.